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The answer to your very subjective question depends on: a) how much money you have, b) what you plan to do with the car once you have another engine installed, and c) your personal preference (hence the subjectivity). You may or may not get similar responses, though they may not be worded as gently as mine.


Perhaps by restating your question and dropping subjective terms such as "better"*, you will get information you can use.


* Better means different things to different people.


Going by your choice to designate your car a "Type-R", perhaps you would be pleased with the motor out of a 6th gen Type-R Accord: the H22A. FYI, the 5th gen Accord never came as a Type-R, though there was an SiR coupe and sedan sporting an H22A. Check out Wikipedia for more information. Then let us know what exactly you need to know.

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