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98 CR-V starting problems

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Hello all, new to the forums, but need a couple of confirmations.


I am a mechanic by trade, though not by occupation anymore.


I have a 98 CR-V that made it home one day but refused to start after that, it turns over and is getting gas as after enough cranking you can smell it. I removed the plugs for the injectors and the engine started right up and ran until all the fuel was burned out of the cylinders, now, I am not sure of anything on the crv's as I've only owned accords, and when I worked for honda, they didn't come in that often for problems.


But through my troubleshooting, my guess is the ECU, unless the crv's have a injector control module seperate the ECU.


And the second thing I need to know is how to recover my HP after replacing the timing belt. I made sure the timing was TDC, and every timing mark was lined up. But it is now gutless and doesn't even get out of its own way... I'm assuming I need to jump it a few teeth or something like that, to the effect that when honda puts those motors together, they set the timing some sort of funky way...

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