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Turn Signal Flasher Box Help


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Hi, I just got my first car ('96 Accord EX) a few months ago, and since then I've been having a lot of fun learning about it and doing what I can to modify it. My budget and knowledge pretty much limits me to simple things. I threw in a neon, and added a sound system, things like that.


Now I'm looking to modify my turn signals, so that I can control the rate at which they blink.


I took my flasher box out and opened it up. From what I've read elsewhere, you can replace one of the resistors with a potentiometer to control the rate.


My question is why resistor do I need to replace?




There are three, as shown above with their values. I believe I got the values correct.


Shorts of trial and error, I thought this would be the best way to find out.


Any help is greatly appreciated!

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