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radiator switches - info and help needed


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Hi all, fairly recently the radiator fan in my 97 accord EX (JDM CD4) has stopped coming on after I switch the car off. This is definitely a feature that I like as it manages to cool off the engine much quicker than it would cool off itself. Do any of you know what switch I need to replace to get this feature back?

Someone mentioned to me A-106 as the code for the switch (part number 37773-PT3-A01) but I have no idea if this is compatible with all accords including JDM.



I know that it is one of the radiator switches, but I am unsure of which one and how much it will cost to replace. Is it possible that there is some other cause for the problem other than this?


Thanks again all,



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do you by chance know the part numbers for either of the two , or possibly where each one is located?


Do you know if there will be any way to test this before buying the replacement part to know if the switch is the problem?



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