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2001 Honda Accord - No Power

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2001 Honda Accord LX 2.3 Four Cylinder 5-Speed Manual Transmission:

1: Check Engine light is on.

2: Engine runs smooth as silk, no misses at all, but does not have any power on low RPM's. When get out on the highway at higher speed it runs good. Approximately 2500-3000 RPM it picks back up on power. It actually feels like something is smothering it at low RPM's??? Unbolted Catalytic Converter, no changes.

3: Ran diagnostics on it with a Mac Tools Scanner and it came up with a code of PO401 and the best we can tell, that gives us the definition of "insignificant airflow".???

4:Parts replaced thus far> new spark plugs, distributor cap, rotatary button, & air filter.

HELP!!! :crazy:

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Thanks, the EGR was clogged...cleaned it out and put old EGR valve back on and it ran good for little while then the check engine light came back on. I then replaced the EGR valve.

I got the exhaust EGR port pretty well opened. The intake EGR port?? cleaned it the best I knew how. Any suggestions on how to clean this port safely? Any suggestions on how to also clean the air intake?


The car is still running sluggish at certain RPM's with a small miss or hesitiatation every so often after entering 2nd or 3rd gears (manual transmission). FYI: The car has approx 195,000 miles on it now. Thanks for help you can provide.

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Did you clear the code after cleaning and replacing your EGR? Have you pulled the latest code to make sure it isn't something else? Oftentimes, replacement is a better option than cleaning.

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