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OK, so wow... background. D16z6 swapped in. T3/T4 turbo external wastegate at 8psi. Been fine for about 2 months. 2 days ago, one of my injector resistors broke (wire came out of the porcelin) and I stopped driving. Replaced it and reset the ECU, it drove fine. Well...fine untill i hit full boost. The spring is set at 8psi, but now my gauge says 10. The car pops and gets REALLY loud when it opens, but it also starts to slow down instead of speed up. THe RPMs stay up, and the boost stays up, only the car goes slower. Then tonight I let it stay open hoping it would clear out, and instead, my HID headlights started to flicker, my radio shut off, and the interior lights all dimmed. Also my batt voltage went 13.9 to 13.7. What in the world is wrong with it?!?!?!


Ill post a vid tonight about 12am to show the loss af accel and the noise.


I know its supposed to be loud, but it definatly did not sound like an automatic shotgun in your ear.

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