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Civic 92-95 with B18 exhaust problems

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Hi guys

sorry i havent introduced myself yet will do that soon.

but im kinda in a hurry with something and i hope some of you all can help me out.


Okey we build op a Civic 92-95 HB with a B18C type r engine form a integra

everything runs smooth looks great and drives fast.

BUT i live in Holland europe we need to take our cars to a Special inspection when the car got 40% more HP then he got stock.

the car then will be tested on his driving. So cornering and braking. THis will be no problem got 282 brakes in front and 262 in back. car is lowered by 6Centimeters ( forgot how much inchs sorry) and got 17 inch rims with good tyres and all


but another test will be a DB Test!!

now our problem will be this.

They got a little track where they will shift from 1 to 3 gear and shift around 3500 RPM there will be a DB meter to test the DB its producing.

then in 3th gear they will go FUll throttle to the end of the track its not long but the car will be in his Vtech

and well as you can geuss will probably get above those 80 DB that is the ABSOLUTE MAX here in holland


now we try to find out if anyone knows what are the STOCK DB of a Integra exhaust on a b18c type R?????

if we know that then maybe we can try to find out how to make the DB lower maybe getting 2 silencer in the middle exhaust and 1 in the back??


so my question to you guys or even girls :D is

does anyone know my question?

or maybe knows somewhere i can take a look on internet?

i tryed searching it but couldnt find it so hope some people overseas can help me and a friend out ;)


as i said sorry i havent introduced myself yet will do that soon and put pictures of this Honda on it and my own honda Civic eg with D16z5. but this is kinda in a hurry


Thnx already


my email is Capri28iss@hotmail.com for fast reactions



Gr Willem from Holland

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