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Wiring help 98 to 99 radio bezel


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Please help.

I am currently trying to re-wire the climate control system in my 98 civic. I looked into doing the full swap, and decided against it. But still, I would like the dials to work.(yes I already know the temp control won't) has anybody done this, and if so, does anybody have a diagram for the two harnesses so that I know which wires to connect?


edit: ok, so for the most part the cords are 'plug and play', the air 'direction' controller works, all the lights work, the a/c works, the recycle air works. On the 98, the speed control is manipulated by 4 live wires and a ground, and it turns on the speed depending on which one you ground. on the 99 harness, I can't seem to find wires that match up with this? any ideas?

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