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HU Power Question

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aaalrighty. some idiot that wired up my headunit before i owned the car screwed it all up! the wiring throughout the car is pretty messed up in fact. first off: power? i have a red and yellow wire from the HU and a white/blue, a yellow/red, a yellow/white, and a red/black from the car harness... is this correct...


HU wires:

red- ignition power?

yellow-constant power?


car harness:

white/blue-ignition power? (connects to red wire from HU???)

yellow-red constant power? (connects to yellow wire from HU???)

yellow/white- antenna? ...not using

red/black-illumination? ...not using


i got all my speakers hooked up and ive hooked up the HU to recieve power but it doesnt get a constant power so when i turn the key off it loses track of the progress of the cd and the current time.


i basically want to know i have those connections correctly labeled?


thanks alot

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