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b16 cold idle valve


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just wondering if i cant block it off of my b16 intake manifold and would it still work??so far i tried tape and it does not work??would a metal sheet work??i already have one attached to my gsr tb and so i dunt need it on the intake manifold..any suggestions on how i should block it?


this thing!!!



into something like this:


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i plug the hole just earlier and its still reving high!!i didnt let it run for a whiles but i just turn it on and it shot up to 3k right away...i have no other ideas on what is causing it to rev soo high!!and why??and it does not onli rev there, it just stays there!!!also, anyone noe how a the MAP sensor plug with the wires can be trace??i have 2 dead wires on the map sensor and i cannot seem to find where it lead to..i tried the ecu with a test light but i just dunno how it works..any help??

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