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93 accord steering sound


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I bought a 1993 accord EX and when i turn the steering wheel in any direction it makes a squeaking/squeeking sound (sounds like a tire squeeling) sounds is coming the steering wheel column because I can feel it as well. I thought ahead and already changed both belts and adjusted them both. any advice to how to fix the problem?

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1. Make sure the belt is tight;

2. Run the car for a while (take it for a drive), then look in the resivoir and chack for frothy air bubbles, if present your rack is most likely leaking. Try adding fluid and see if the problem goes away. If it does keep and eye on the fluid level and add as needed, if it leaks a lot you may want to go ahead and get it fixed.


If it is leaking and you live in a state that requires safety inspections they can fail you for a leaking rack, but worry about that later. If you determine that is is the belt and not the rack, if you did not use a Honda belt when you replaced it, you can try replacing it with a Honda one.

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I may be completely off base with this but you said you can feel it in the steering column, so...


Have a look in the area where the steering column goes thru the firewall. Most cars have a seal there (my acclaim does - see below) when it gets cold or dry, the seal starts to squeak when you turn the wheel.


If this is what is happening in your case, get some motorcycle chain spray, pull the carpet / boot/ cover or whatever is down there back and try to get some of that lube into the seal. If it stops, you have found it. Wiggle the wheel as you are spraying, that helps it penetrate the joint.


With the Acclaim, I have tried silicone spray, WD40 and finally chain spray. The chain spray wins hands down.

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