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2002 civic lx vs 1996 gsr


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Hi.  This guy at school just got a 2002 civic lx 5speed (with a screw on exhaust tip) and he is telling everyone that he can beat my 96 integra gsr with aem cai, tanabe rm, and dc 421 headers.  (he says the civic is really light and hte integra is heavy)  I dont know much about the new civics so i was wondering if they actually did increase the hp alot for the new model or if this guy is just full of crap.  thanks

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Dude that guy must be in somenthing ???  ???

the new Civic Lx have about 115 horses and about 110 lbs of torque and they weight around 2500 lbs in the other hand your engine had 180 Hp stock now add all your bolt-ons your car is slightly heavier but not by much your friends Civics should be running around low 17's you should be running @ least low 16's to high 15's what you need to do is ask this guy to race you after school and spread the word so that everyone knows about the race then whoop his butt and i promise you that he wont ever talk about your GSR being slow.

Besides Chicks dig guys with fast cars :dance:

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