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got the prelude valve cover on the 86 accord finally


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hey just got the lude valve cover on my 86 accord hatch, here is the link,also just made a nice looking battery hold down for a friend of mine.




the main problem i ran into is when i added the center bar, i didn't have enough clearance for the valve cover studs. I ended up unbolting them and cutting off the threads,then drilling and tapping the posts. why in the hell honda puts grade 12 hardware in an application with only 10 inch pounds of torque,i don't know. they were a son of a bitch to machine. I changed the studs to button head cap screws. that gave me enough clearance,then i discovered my wire holder i had made before,wouldn't work with this cover, so i had to make a new one,then the wires weren't long enough,so i went to the accell wires. plus i had to remount the throttle cable and the clutch cable to the bar. I drilled and tapped the valve cover itself for the socket head screws that hold down the bar. I just put rtv on the threads so they don't leak. everything is nice and secure now. the only other problem i ran into is my nice aluminum oil cap has different threads then the cover. a 98 civic cap will screw into it though. so I do have options on the cap.those covers are getting hard to find in decent shape, most of them are coke cans now. I media blasted it,then polished the fins,then cleared it like that. so it's an unusual finish. the engraving was done by double play trophies here.

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