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can i get some help on making my car faster??


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OK, so heres the deal....as you all no, i have an 06 honda civic lx coupe......the first mistake i made when getting this car was...its an automatic.....the second mistake i made was not getting an si.....therefore...i have a 140 hp car lol.......i need that to change....without buying a different car...lol....any suggestions....im goin to put a C.A.I in it soon, maybe some DC headers, spark plugs.....but, not sure how much that will help lol



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muffler wont give you any power and neither will plugs. Your best bet is to get an Intake, Header, high-flo at and a Catback. With that your looking at around 10-15 horse gained. You could always look into an auto-man swap however it is a pricey and is a difficult if you don't have any experience with it.

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