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d16vtec same as d15vtec?????


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I know that the rod length on the non-vtec d15 is shorter than the d16, but is the rod lenght on the vtec version of a d15 the same length????? someone told me they were interchangable but I dont think this is so. Does anybody know????? and if not does anybody know if a company makes turbo rods for a d15 vtec????

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ok so I found this info on Wikipedia and I thought it to be interesting sooo im going to post it here


"D16 and D17 cranks share the same size main bearing diameters.


D16 and D17 rods all have the same major dimensions. The D15 rod is shorter (in general) and has a smaller bearing size, although the wrist pin bore is the same.


D15Z1 and D15B motors have a rod that is the same length as a D16. Other than the rod length, the rest of the bottom end is D15 spec (i.e. rod and crank bearings). D15B has D16 sized rod journals. D15B uses the same p28 rods that the D16z6 does.All other D15s have smaller rod journals.


The B18A/B Rod has the same bearing bore as a D16. It is 0.044" wider, so the sides of the "big end" of the rod have to be shaved down for use in a D16/17. The wrist pin bore is larger so a conventional D15/16/17 piston can only be used if the stock "small end" bushing in the rod is replaced with one of the proper size. These affordable rods are generally considered to be able to handle up to 300 hp (220 kW). "




d15b vtec (not d15b7 found in 1992-1995 cx,dx,vx)

1991-1999 Honda Civic VTi EG4 (Japanese Market)

Displacement : 1493 cm³

Bore and Stroke : 75 mm X 84.5 mm

Rod Length : 137 mm

Compression : 9.6:1

Power : 130 hp (97 kW) @ 5800 rpm & 102 ft·lbf @ 4200 rpm

Redline : 7200 rpm

Fuel Cut : 7411 rpm

Valvetrain : SOHC VTEC

Head Code : P08 (same head as D16Z6)

Fuel Control : OBD-1 MPFI



d16z6 vtec

1992-1995 ex/si


125 hp (93 kW) @ 5800 rpm & 106 ft·lbf @ 4500 rpm

Redline : 7200 rpm

Fuel Cut : 7411 rpm

Valvetrain : SOHC VTEC

Fuel Control : OBD-1 MPFI

Head Code : P08

ECU Code : P28 "




sooo Im still confused about the rod length on the d15b vtec being the same as d16z6..... soo does this mean if I buy rods that are made for a d16z6 that it will fit my d15b vtec??????

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