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need some help

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Alrighty fellas...i just bought a 1991 integra last tuesday with a b18b1 from a 2000 integra ls (from what i was told) with a YS1 trans and a type-r clutch. now it runs greeeeat however, when u start it up the car idles around 3200rpms, then when u drive it for a while then come to a stop it idles around 1600 or 1700rpms...now theres some sort of sensor on top of the intake manifold which doesnt have the vaccum line to it or even the wireing harness. this may not be my problem but its always a possibility. i I took this part to carquest, autozone, advance auto, and even a friggin honda dealership and they cant tell me what this part is! The engine check light isnt on either...


well dial-up doesnt like me today so i cant upload any pics of this sensor. maybe if one of u can post a pic of ur own b18b i can see where this sensor goes to...


Can somebody plz help me with this problem, wether it be this stupid part on top of the manifold, or something completely different. its driving me crazy and i cant take it anymore. Plz Help


Ill post pics of the car as soon as i get some time. Its basically Dans old DA though.lol

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