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97 Lude Front noise


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My 1997 Honda Prelude makes a "poping" noise when taking off.

I had first thought it was the drive shaft perhaps, but it only makes the noise when it is ~40F or below.....Odd i know.

I am leaning towards struts for now.....Any Ideas?

When the weather is warmer (>~40F), there is no noise.

There is no noise between gears, even when shifting hard.


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sounds like a strut issue.


i was thinking that, but i have never heard of struts only making noise when it was cold (<40F).

oddd, when the outside temp is warm, no noise at all.

someone else on here had an old post with the same issue, but an answer was never posted.......?????

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that always seems to happen. people find out whats wrong and never post what it was to fix it.



If the popping noise is just one "pop" when taking off (letting the clutch out), most likely it is the tranny mount. That's what it was in my fifth gen Prelude.

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