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Del Sol Driva

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this afternoon i put my car in reverse and i backed out of the drive way then i go to put it in first gear and the car dose not want to move and its not the clutch becuase it gose into gear fine it just will not move at all anyone help????



Need more information...


You can shift into all gears but get no movement in any of them or just first?

Does the engine still sound ok when revving?

Can you have someone shift for you (with the parking break on) while you listen close to the tranny?



If the engine is revving fine but none of the gears produce moment, the problem is likely between the engine and tranny: meaning the clutch is not reengaging. Might be a bad pressure plate...

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My freind had this problem with his 240sx. The problem whats his pinion gear in his tranny was worn down.


So I say take it to a shop and ask them to check out your tranny, or if you are confident enough to tear apart your car, do it your self.


But yeah, You didn't give us enough information to confirm a possible problem. You left a wide horizon on your problem.

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