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Transmission Overdrive Question


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Hi, with this winter cold weather is anyone else having problems with their automatic transmission not shifiting into overdrive at highway speeds? I noticed that my 1999 Honda Accord has been doing that ever since it started getting cold. Engine use to run at about 2500rpm @ 70mph but now its at 3000rpm @ 70mph. Is there something wrong with my transmission? :(

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Have your tranny serviced. My mom's Celica did that for a while. It'd take like 20 minutes for the tranny to warm up or something before it'd get into it's overdrive gear. Ended up being a tranny filter or some crap that was clogged.

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i know your problem is fixed , anyone with auto cars , change your fluid , and throw a litre of lucas auto trans additive in. you wont be dissapointed. and honda auto trannys to my knoledge , dont have filters.

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