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ECU with launch control and other chips


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Ok i seen some videos of cars that have the same motor as mine and they put in the p28 launch control? how can i get that and how can i also have my car redline at 8000rpm or 8500rpm and by doing this to the ecu changing the redline does that hurt my mottor at all?



RPM stands for ruin's people's motors. Is you car even making power at that rpm. Makes no sense to take it up to 8500 when your car peaks at 6800rpm. The launch control or 2 step can be installed in the ecu. I have only had experience with the hondata system. You can put on a msd 2 step and have it activate via switch on shifter.

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2 steps are nice. a good thing to have especially if you race at the strips all the time.



ok ima need some help there how do i install the msd to work with the shift and how about that step i dont even know what that is and how do i install it also? and do u guys know what else i can do all mottor to make my car faster than it is?

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