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I have a pretty Big Problem

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i was driving home tonight and my car lights started getting dimmer and dimmer and i started losing power

the only way my car was on was because of the alternator running when i would put in the clutch and the rpm would drop it would almost die


its obviously a short draining my battery.

i looked and my belt on the alternator was still good and if it was the alternator i probably wouldnt have been able to get home.

so my question is.


how can i find out where the short is

i really need help

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check the connections on the alternator. it's possible that they may be comming loose or the alternator may be going/is bad



get a volt meter and start the car. Check if charging voltage is within spec. Check for corrosion on the battery cables and check the grounds. You can also go to the nearest Autozone and have them check it and at the same time have them check your battery. If you can you can take the alternator off and have them bench test it and the battery. Also have them charge your battery. Let me know what you find out. I'm assuming your alternator is only charging like....11volts or so. Let me know

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