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Need help with a computer question

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K so my dad got me a lab top for Christmas. We already had a computer, so i hooked up the wireless router. This computer that i am typing on has an internet connection still due to the ethernet cords still running to it. Now, the question is to get my lab top to have wireless internet do i need to buy something? Or am i just suppose to have internet now. I am new to this crap, but i am guessing i have to buy some sort of adapter or somethign that plugs into the router and then another piece that plugs into the lab top. Haha i kno this sounds dumb, but w/e.

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Haha thanks i think i was just tired last night. I was just reading on the lab top and found what you just said. Thanks anyways man if i would have read this before that i would have found out the same thing. And i hought you knew nothing :)

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