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My 95 Civic LX has some problem with the power lock. The lock will auto lock up/down when the doors are closed. If I turn the "room" light off in my car, then the lock will become ok. Do u know what is going on? um...



By the way, my car has the car alarm disconnected. Therefore, I mainly use my key to open/lock the door.


Thanks!!! :thumbsup:

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I'd like to help, but I'm not fully sure what your problem is.

I have a 98 Civic with power locks and they normally operate like this:

-There is no autolock... they don't ever lock/unlock by themselves.

-To lock all the doors from inside the car after I park (whether the car is running or not) I have to hold the inside handle open and press "lock" for all the doors to lock. From what I understand- this is how most hondas are setup- to try and prevent locking your keys in the car.


I use my keys to unlock my door when I get in and it unlocks only that door- if I want the other unlocked, I have to hit the unlock button on my door. This is how mine has always been whether the car is on/off and regardless of how my interior light is set. The only suggestion I can make based on your post- if it acts differently with the light on/off, then you have a wiring problem somewhere...


Just thought of something real quick- if you're talking about it "auto-locks" the doors when the doors are closed- yea, that works- you hit the button, every door locks. When you open the door though (and your light comes on) you have to hold the handle open and press the lock button to lock all the doors (this won't matter if you have the room light on auto/on/off- it matters if your door is open or closed).

Door open = hold the inside door handle open and press button to lock every door

Door closed = just press the button to lock every door.

(That's what I was talking about above).

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