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Engine install

TS John

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My buddy finally spun a bearing in his 87 teggy with well over 300k on it, so he picked up another D16A1 to throw in there on the cheap. Here's some pics of yesterday as we were working on putting it in. We didn't finish cuz it was cold as hell, but it should be finished by now (all we had left was reconnecting stuff when we packed up last night).


Old and busted...



New and dirty as hell



Lowering it in




The worst part of all (grease is gross)



In and bolted down



Nothing special or groundbreaking. Just thought I'd post some pics up since I know everyone loves pics, you know.

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me either , lol. like working with a hand full of thumbs with gloves on , lol. nice job boys


PS. i dont see why the axle should be split , lol. grease you didnt have to experience.

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In my own defense he was wearing the gloves, not I. I wished I had them cuz it was so cold, even though I like gettin' my hands dirty.


I dunno why the axle was taken all apart -- everything was taken apart the day before by the car's owner and one of my other friends. We've never done a swap before, though. At least I hadn't.


News: after we got it all in we found out it has literally no compression. So that's good. The guy who sold it to my friend said it worked and owns a shop, so hopefully he'll come through with a solution but who knows?

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Update: My friend did some random maintenance since it had been sitting awhile like oiling valves and crap like that. Then we did a compression check and got around 125, which is way better than 10, which is what it was reading before. I mean, I can crank it by hand and get twice that...


Right after that his started died. We tried to take it apart and fix it and we got it spinning a little better but not good enough to actually work. He's got an extra starter somewhere so we try that tomorrow...

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