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My introduction and confession.


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Okay, my name is Matt and I am a Mustang fanatic. I love Mustangs to death and I always will.


That's me :bow:.


My confession. I'm not looking for an SI. I don't even know what SI means. My intentions over here are to learn about Honduhs (just kidding) so that way when I pull up to race one at the track or on the streets (which I never do by the way) I will know what to look and listen for.


In previous posts, I said I have a 89 5.0, I don't but I do have a 2000 3.8L and it can take an SI without my gears.


Thanks for allowing me to post and I promise I will not start anything but I will, I repeat, WILL defend my Mustang heritge.

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Sorry, my modifications might be nice for you to know.


I have a shift kit (auto tranny), upper intake manifold P/P, Diablo SportChip, 4.10 gears and T-lok, and a CAI.


I took an SI with the normal I/H/E crap and beat him without my gears and T-lok.

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nice mods :)

glad to see that you got rid of the crappy stock 3.27 gears

how do you like your diablo chip? i think they are much better than superchips. but it sucks that you have to run premium gas all the time.

:bow: Diablo :bow:


I think I said it all.


Anyone wanna bring their "aggresive" gearing to my place?  :cool:

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im up for it!!!

Welcome Matt as you can see Im new here. I like the potential that those v6 have I've always said that a mustang to be a mustang has to be a v8 but after working on some of those v6 and seeing how well they respond I was surprise in fact I would like to have one as a project car.

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