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JDM TL 3rd Generation

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What is the 2004+ USDM TL called in Japan? I look on the website, and there are no links for a JDM version of the USDM TL.


In know both the JDM Accord and the JDM Accord Euro appear in the USDM as the TSX. The USDM Accord is the JDM Inspire, and there is no more Saber. The RSX is the Integra, but what the heck is a USDM TL in Japan?

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I noticed the JDM market is also missing the MDX. Interesting, I always thought of the JDM market as a test market, where Hondas are introduced and refined so only the best models could be brought to the USDM to destroy the American Automotive industry.


I guess I was wrong. Or maybe I was right, and the USDM just is simply not a threat any longer.

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Actually, Honda brought over the MDX to Japan and it actually did pretty decent. As well as the Element.


As for a test market...that prolly would be the worst market to test a future car for America as the Japanese public is very different from the American market. It's more like a product is made for one region...if it creates enough hub-bub or headquarters thinks the car has a chance in other markets, they will bring it over. American Honda makes requests and takes whatever Honda Japan will allow them to build. I wouldn't discount many of the models from Honda Japan as not being worthy to come to America. The Stream is a beautiful looking MPV that many Honda fans wouldn't mind seeing in America...but MPVs are not a growing market segment in America, so the possibility of it showing up on our shores is unlikely. Same goes for many of their K-cars/B-segment cars.


Anyhow, with Acura still struggling to differentiate itself from a $30k Honda (I mean look at the massive markdown for the $50k RL) it is best that Acura started designing it's own cars instead of badge engineering the home company's lineup.

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"Honda brought over the MDX to Japan"


I didn't know that, I must have missed it.


The Stream is a nice car. I remember when the Insight came out, I read the car was developed in Honda's California Design Center. I really do not remember where the little thing was manufactured, but remember looking under the hood of the first one to hit the showroom, thinking, "Does the engine bay look different because it's gasoline/electric, or because we designed it?"

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