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quick 90 civic cx/si wiring question

Cone Assissian

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I'm having trouble figuring out which harness goes to the EACV. Could somebody tell me what colour the wires are leading to that sensor?? I have three different connectors that could work.


I'm throwing a code 14 (eacv), a 16 (fuel injection), and a 20 ( Electric Load Detector) any thought's on that one

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an ELD code usually indicates a short in one of your sensors wiring , or ecu wiring period for that matter. your electronic load detector is detecting more load in a circuit than should be there.

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I'm assuming you did the dx to si conversion as I didn't see it written on the posting. The EACV wire colors are blue wire and a black wire. As far as the code 16 fuel injector, it can be a couple of things, I would need to know if you converted from the dual point injection to muiltipoint. If you did it could be a wiring issue. Verify the connections you made with a manual. Remember fix one problem at a time. Fix the code 14 then reset computer. Drive and see what other codes come up. Hope that helps. any more questions hit me up

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