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so I'm switching my engine from the dead zc back to the d16 and I had to get a passenger side axle (this is where the fun begins) I got everything together and started it up put it in gear and found that the axle popped out at the transmission. I found that the axle was very sloppy and didn't tightly within the tranny.


I'm assuming, but need confirming, that I have the zc tranny as well. If so, what axle do I need?

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did the axle pop in the tranny when you installed it? The clip on the end of the shaft should lock the shaft in it's place as it enters the center of the diff. If it did the joint should be flat against the tranny output shaft seal. If it was and it popped out, then the clip on the axle is bad. It can get bent to work for you. Also if the axle is all the way in wiggle the inboard joint to see how much play. ( rebuilt axle from autoparts store? or oem?) If it has to much play you should get a new axle. Also to check the clip, asuming it's all the way in and lock you should not be able to pull it out by hand wiggling it. You would need a pry bar to pry it loose from the diff. (clip lock) hope that gives you some insight.

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