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92 accord rear cross beam


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i have a 92 accord and im trying to fix the rear cross beam which has been snapped in half on the passenger side. honda told me his would run me over $500 just for the part now what im wondering is if theres any way to repair it like welding the part thats snapped or should i just replace it all?

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Dude, Unless ure a pro welder thats not a good idea.

Unless U weld the cross beam perfictly streight,

Your camber and or alignment could B F**ked up.

That will eather wear out your tires reall fast or

send U flying into a ditch at high speeds.


Do U not have a junk yard in your town?

U can usually buy one at junk yard for like $100 buks.

I have a 92 & 93 Accord in my back yard.

I bought both of them for $70 buks.


How the F**K did U break the rear cross beam.

If ure gona keep playin dooks of hazzard. :)

U might wana look into some parts cars.


Good luck dude

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