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Stock internal with turbo


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ok heres my setup tell me what u think i should boost or would be safe for daily driven.


D15z1 vtec-e block

D15z1 vtec-e pistongs with new TAIHO japan made rings for d15z1

D15z1 vtec-e Stock crankshaft with new TAIHO japan made new main bearings

D15z1 vtec-e stock rods with new TAIHO japan made new bearings

D16z6 vtec-- Intake manifold and throtle body

H22A1 ------ stock injectors also have jdm stock gst injectors and evo VIII injectors but seem not 2feet

D16y8 vtec-- Head shaved port and polished with new valves

What turbo should i use and at how many psi would it be safe for my motor with those parts being used now?and what difference does it really make that i had the d16y8 head shaved, port and polish? and can anyone tell me how can i know if my p28 ecu that came from an ex civic will work fine with my d16y8 head? thanks if ur able to help me

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