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Hello, im new here and was wondering if you guys could give me any info. I have a 1995 manual honda civic cx and recently the head gasket blew on it. I went to a mechanic that i have had do some work for me before and he told me it would prolly be about 600-700 dollars to fix. I told him that my cousin has a d16y8 engine and he got all exicited. He told me that with the civic I have its pretty much a plug and play operation and that it would be about 700 to do. When i brought the engine over to him he noticed a few things. First the ecu is missing (which my cousin told me) and he said they are hard to find and will cost me about 200. Also the engine came from an automatic so he said i would need a different intake manifold for some reason. I forget what exactly he said. I was just wondering if this makes sense to you guys, and if you know where i could get a cheap ecu, and intake manifold.


Thanks for any help

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the d16y8 will fit in your car with the use of your tranny. all you will have to do is wire the vtec solinoid and do a ODB1- OBD2 conversion. there than that it's a plug and play awap.

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the D16y8 engine is close to a plug and play with a couple of exception. First the crankshaft fluctuation sensor in the front of the engine. You can leave that unpluged. As far as the manifold goes, yeah you would need to swap it out as the IACV sports a 3 wire when the 92-95 hondas use a 2 wire. Your would need to wire up the vtec solenoid and pressure switch. If you use the cx wiring harness you will have an extra plug that you will not use. EGR valve. If your doing this for a performance standpoint then the motor swap won't really do much as your handicapped with the cx tranny. Gears are too tall. Swap it for an si or ex sohc tranny. Yeah those ecu's are hard to come by. About 200-350 for one depending on the demand. hope that helps

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