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99 Accord 2.3 soc ECU help


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I have a 99 Accord 2.3 soc 4-DR

I have ben trying to figure out how to mod the ecu

but no luck. All i'm getting is bits and pecices of info.

Most of the info is not for my car.


Im good with electral crap. If I can just find some parts and info.

If anyone has any ideas please let me know.



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unless your car is already modded, messing around with your ECU really wont do much


Exactly. If you want to start changing things around with the ECU/Computer, you will need to modify the chip and get a good VAFC or SAFC. I'm not experienced with making those kind of changes, but I believe you want to convert to OBDI in the process, since the 6th gen's are OBDII which isn't as easy to adjust/modify. There's others on here that can help you in that department, and if not check out 6thgenaccord.com, but its not as easy as changing a few wires or anything like that if that is what you are looking for.

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your best bet would be hondata or something like that. you alos want to get some motor work done, intake, header, exhaust to start with. even then you don't want to tune off that. i would look into cams and get one then i would tune it if i were you.

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