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supra injectors on a b16


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how's it going peoples, i recently put a mild t25 turbo setup on my 2000 civic si and my friend gave me some injectors off a turbo supra which i believe are 540's... not totally positive. but i do know i need a resistor box as the are not the right impedence. if you what i might need to do this easily i'd appreciate it. i'm also about to get a safc system on friday so keep that in mind.



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I have no idea if Supra injectors fit on a B16 engine- personally, I'd really be willing to say I'm almost sure they don't. If you need more fuel, here's a couple quick/easy upgrades you can do (you don't need Supra injectors for a mild-turbo setup).


1. Go pull 4 injectors of a B18 (Integra) engine at a junkyard. Or, buy a used set of 4 off Ebay for pretty cheap.

2. Buy a Blox or whatever company you prefer 12:1 FMU. As long as you don't go over 7 or 8 PSI, this is the cheap-man's version of fuel management. Anything above that, I suggest bigger injectors and an actual fuel management system.

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what does B18 injectors do for him over B16? since they are exactly the same. if he wants to cheap out , get a resistor box out of any OBD0 integra , civic or crx. get yourself some DSM injectors(450) and wire the resistor box in.

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thanks guys i appretiate it. i was about to wire in the injectors using the clips off of a 4runner which actually work, but then i suppose i might as well go with the dsm's. any clue as to what i should do with the spark plugs? leave the stock or switch them up.

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