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My Vtec controller was stolen, car running like S@#t


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I need some help,


Some one stole my car and smashed it up :chair: , I had a 91 Integra that I had swapped the motor out for a B20 CRV block, got a B16 Vtec head, put in CRT pistons and type R cams, just before I could get my new trans someone stole the car, smashed it up and took the Vtec controller. It still drove when I got it from the yard it was towed to and I drove it 40 miles back to my house, the whole way it was making a knocking noise from my engine but never really lost power, it was not as strong as before it was stolen but I had blown an engine before that completly died on me when I was driving it home. Could the problem just be in the ECU?


I looked at the ECU and found that there are 4 wires that are no longer connected to anything, a light blue wire comming from the engine bay, a light brown wire comming from the ECU, an orange wire with a black stripe from the ECU, a yellow wire comming from the engine bay, these are the only wires that I could not color match to anything all the other wires I can color match. If you guys think you can help please offer me some advice. thanks.

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pics are our friends. sounds like someone stole it to beat it , and now you have bottom end knock. i wouldnt drive it anymore till this is confirmed dude.

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