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Headlight problem


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I have a 1990 Accord LX, and my headlights don't work anymore. A few days ago I noticed that my electrical system died for a moment, and the headlights wouldn't go on. I was able to get them to turn on by playing with the switch, but now no amount of playing with it will get the lights on. I've checked all the fuses and bulbs and that is not the problem. I had a repair shop tell me I need a new switch, so would I be safe in assuming I need the Headlight/Turn Signal switch that goes on the steering column? Are there any other switches further down the line I should be worried about? I'm going to go out on a Sunday and try and find the part and install it myself. Any special tools I will need to get at it? Any ideas/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Tried replacing that part and no good. Even tried another new bulb just in case the old unit was blowing bulbs but no luck. I have no headlights but the parking (side yellow) lights will go on. I brought it to a shop to get it fixed Monday morning. At this point i figure it's a short somewhere, which pisses me off because i spent like 70 on bulbs and the switch and neither have fixed the problem yet. Any thoughts/ideas?

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