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95 EXR ventiation problem


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Frankly, I am surprised by the last reply. I thought only American cars use vacuum lines to actuate the vent positions inside the car, but I do know Honda never has.




SLICK 2.2, for some reason, either your Mode Control Motor is not getting voltage, or it is and is not responding properly.


First, check your #15*, #18, and #08 fuses. *You may not have a #15 fuse.


Then you want to make sure the Mode Control Switch Assembly is working properly, c.f. #16 below.




Check the function of the Switch:


Light Green/Red = Mode Control Motor Ground

Light Green/White = Vent

Light Green/Black = Heat/Vent

Blue = Defrost

Blue/Red = Heat/Defrost

Yellow/Green = Heat


Then you want to make sure the Mode Control Motor (P/N 79140-SV4-A01) is working properly, c.f. #07 below.




Check the function of the Motor, below is taken from Honda P/N 61SV405:


The terminals are numbered 1-7 from left to right with the pigtail lock at the top.


1. Connect battery power to the No. 1 terminal, and ground the No. 7 terminal. Caution: Never connect the battery in the opposite direction.


2. Using a jumper wire, connect the No. 7 terminal individually to the No. 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 terminals in that order. Each time the connection is made; the mode control motor should run smoothly and stop. Note: If the mode control motor does not run when jumping the first terminal, jump that terminal again after jumping the other terminals. The mode control motor is normal if it runs when jumping the first terminal again.


3. If the mode control motor does not run in step 2, remove it and check the mode control linkage and doors for smooth movement. If the mode control linkage and doors move smoothly, replace the mode control motor.

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