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Help, problem with my electrical


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Hi, I have a 2000 civic ex coupe auto, i went to hardwire in a radar detector and here is the problem, i have taken power from all three sources on different occasions to try to resolve the problem but it still happens. I hook the radar detector into a power source then when i put the car in any gear other then park or neutral the radar detector turns off. Then when i put it back in P or N it turns back on again. I have taken it from the fuse panel, the cruise contrl swtich, and finally behind the radio. On all three occasions i have tried either or and it does not work, i am driving myself crazy and i need help with this problem so can anyone please help me i would really appreciate it. !!!

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wire it in with the ignition, so it turns on with the car


see that is just the thing i have wired it to the accessory which turns on with the key in the ignition when it is switched to the on position, but i have tried literally every other way and it does not work when it is in D or R so i am out of ideas because other accessories such as light or anything that i have tested it with work in any gear its just the radar detector that turns off so i am thinking that it is not getting proper power to operate

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There should be open spots in your fusebox. Wire it in to a switched power source in there. That's what all the major installers would do.


Hey thanks for the info but i found the problem and it was with the ground wire, due to the fact that it was grounded with my alarm system and for soe strange reason it changed voltage when the car was in d or r thanks

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