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Head rebuild


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Allrighty - turns out my '92 Si Isn't quite as good a deal as I thought. It seems I'm burning a little oil, I'm guessing I have a bad valve since smoke comes out the oil fill cap when I open it after the engine has been running for a bit, but it really could be anything at this point since I havent done any "real" diagnostics to see whats causing it. There isn't any smoke coming out the exahuast, but occasionally if the car has been sitting for a day or two there is a little bit of smoke that comes out from under the hood, and you can definentally smell that "burnt oil" smell anytime I drive it. (head gasket maybe?) the car runs fine, has plenty of power and doesnt make any abnormal noises that I can tell... anyway. I'm going to try re-building the head, maybe the entire engine if it needs it, and I need to know where to get some parts for my h23a1, since summit racing only seems to carry a handful of parts for that engine. (my normal stop for engine goodies) who else sells internal parts for the h23? I'm planning on a mild performance build, depending on the price of parts and what all I will need to replace. I'm gettin a new job so I will finally have some money in my pockets, and I want this car to last a while so I figured I would just go ahead and bite the bullet and rebuild it before it gets to be too much of a problem. It does seem sorta odd that its burning oil with only 96,000 miles on it though... anyway - wheres a good place for parts?

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it could be a valve cover gasket the d16z6's are notorious for them goind bad. pluss if the car isn't smoking but still burning oil i would say that would be your best bet. To make sure look around the bottom of the valve cover if you see oil then spend the $10-$15 for a new gasket.

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Would the valve cover gasket being bad cause smoke to come out of the oil fill cap? I've looked around the valve cover and i dont really see any oil... if i open the hood and look when its smoking, it appears to be coming from under the intake manifold, at the back of the engine... I'll have to get a mirror or something and take a look at it this weekend.

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