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b18a turbo out of crx and into 92 hatch


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I have a CRX with a b18a turbo and am about to put the motor into my 92 hatch and have a few questions.

1) Will the axles match up? If not what is needed?

2) How do I check if the B18A is OBD1 or OBD0?

3) What if anything else is needed?

Thanks for any input.

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-your gonna need mounts.

-axles , im not sure what you have , but im assuming no cause i think the wheel end is different but i could be wrong. youl need integra axles , any 94-01 integra axles.

-check right against the firewall on drivers side , where the engine harness plugs into the dash tail , see if theres a resister box there. if your injectors are running through a resistor box , its OBD0 setup.

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