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I replaced my fuel filter on my 98 civic 1.6L and the bottom fuel line is leaking. I put 1 new washer on and it did not go on right and it is all distorted, I went to the parts store and got a 2nd washer and did it again, more carefully and the dam thing did it again. How do you get the bottom brass washer to seat right after you screw the filter or the flare nut on?

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ok, apperantly it comes w/ a extra small copper washer for diff. applications, (CRV maybe). I took the washer out and put the original filter back on, tightened everything and no leaks. The weird thing is when I took it off there was a washer on that bottom line, it was all mashed up and blocking like 1/2 the flow through the filter, but was not leaking. Oh well, hopfully thats solves my lower then avg. MPG.

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