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Where does this go?


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That hose goes nowhere..... i am guessing that the other end is suppose to go somewhere. That canister is located alittle to the right and below the fuel filter on the firewall in my del sol with the B18B1 engine..... Any ideas?


The hose that is circled and that hooks up to the housing with the radiator hose... it goes to my throttle body... this is kinda a stupid question but is that suppose to the throttle body?

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Sorry about the quality of the top picture..... it was with a camera phone and it was all I had access to at the time.... And the bottom pic I got from another topic that I started about my thermo and so I used it....





So I take it nobody has an idea..........

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ya there is supposed to b a hose that goes to ur throttle body. and coolant flow through it. it goes to ur FITV (Fast Idle Thermo Valve). whether or not thats the hose that goes to the FITV i have no idea! im not familiar with the b18 motor

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