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I was looking around for some pistions..... I was wondering if you ever heard of Nippon Piston Ring Co.LTD I was looking at these part numbers: PSHO 011

4B1946, 5M1959,and 1T1957. Information on my plans... I have a B18B1 and I want ot run around 15-20 psi on a turbo. Will these be a good choice or no? Thanks for your imput. Victor

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So I guess no one has heard of these..... right? How do I tell what pistons are right for me........ I dont know much on internals..... there are the same pistons but with differant numbers of measurements.... do I get the ones with the stock measurements or what.....

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REALLY!? Dude you may have just made my night! I found these pistons super cheap (well for pistons) and i thought I heard good things bout these and I wasnt sure... could you check this out n maybe tell me if this is what i need for my B18b1? These will hold up to the turbo right?






sorry forgot to paste this! LOL

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ACL Rod bearings are good .. I'd promote and suggest them..


Dunno about the Nippon Rings or anything. I guess rings are rings though..


Definite no-no for me as far as the pistons go.

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