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Thermostat needs to be replace?


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My car, 97 Sol Si,takes a long time to warm up. Once it's warmed, it will remain warm during driving. If I drove the car fresh COLD, it will remain at COLD for a very long time.


Does it need a thermostat replacement?


Please let me know how to change it in details. Pics would be great.



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Ok..... I'm no expert but I just replaced mine..... Now mine warms faster. In my 93 I have a b18b1 swap and the thermo is in a housing where the bottom radiator hose goes to the engine.... Take a look there and see if that is where yours is.... The integra thermo and the del sol thermo is the same besides the fact that the del sol's is offset some(not centered).... That should help some..... Replace it any ways.... It's a real cheap part to replace.

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