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Engine Swap Chart..?..


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If anyone could point me in the right direction to finding a detailed swap chart it would be most helpful..

I'm working with a 2002 civic EX, and would just like to weigh all my options as far as direct bolt ins go..

I am still entertaining a K20

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i have a K20 swap ongoing right now into my EM2(same as yours). theres really nothing else you can do to these cars dude for the money. no other engine can be swapped in besides K's. not without a lot of work and trial and error as info on B swaps into EM2's doesnt exist , nor would be worthwhile imo.

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I figured this may be the case... K it is then... Seems those lil bastards are gonna be the wave of the future eh?! How exciting that we re on ground zero for the wave of the future!!!! =p What a pain in the ass it gonna be...

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