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Does anyone know how much lbs can go through a 96' 1.6L SOHC (non-vtec) safely maybe even pushin alil bit......ofcourse gonna go for a nice small turbo not a big one since it is a baby engine but just lookin to have some fun wit it............also preference what do u think is a better choice either port and polish head to gain like 50+ hp for about $200-500 or get a turbo kit for about 1g and maybe push more then that through the motor safely if possible

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you can run about 8 psi on stock internals

All depends on the turbo 92. If your only gunna spend like 1g on a turbo kit then I advise going the junkyard route. Most D series motors can handle 200-220 horses on stock internals. All depends on the tune, find someone you can trust to tune it.

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My friend was running his honda civic ex on 8 to 10 psi and blew a head, then the next time cracked a piston. If you really want to turbo I would do a nice rebuild of the motor and buy some nice arp studs. I am about to turbo my civic with the same t25 turbo that was on his( I kno not to big of a turbo all I can afford) and bought eagle rods, srp low compression pistons. Just doing this to be on the safe side and will be able to run the turbo the full 15 psi it can give out. I have a link to a website that I found very affordable for the rebuild.

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