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dash lights

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Bulbs in the cluster are probably bad. What could've CAUSED it is beyond me. You can either replace said bulbs or get another cluster of your choice.

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I've never actually tore one appart but to my knowledge there are multiple bulbs in there and the chances of them all poping at once are VERY slim. i've had older civics where like half of the speedo is dim because of a bad bulb, but i can't imagine the bulbs would cause the whole thing not to work. I would think it's a loose wire behind your cluster or maybe even the dimmer control switch?? i've got 2000 accord that the HVAC contol lights don't work but if i hit the dash in right place they work for a while, which tells me it's just a conection somewhere. Good Luck!!

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do you know if they are hard to change??



it is easy. once you get the cluster unplugged it is pretty obvs. there are three main bulbs, it is probobly one of them. when you are changing the one, be carefull, in the process of unplugging the cluster another might go out also.

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