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Honda Odyssey/VSA in snow and ice

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Hi, I am a new Honda owner and this is my first post! :drool:


I am posting becuase I am having a bit of buyer's remorse...I just bought a 2007 Odyssey EX-L over the Sienna and its AWD. My main buying criteria were safety, positive industry reviews and value/price. We sold our 4wd SUV to get the minivan, so now our family is without 4wd (or AWD for that matter). We live in Seattle, on a big hill, so the SUV came in handy for those couple of dozen days or so a year where things are really slick (ice, freezing slush, snow) and we wanted to venture out of the house and move the kids around with some control.


I have read that AWD doesn't help much anyway in the snow and ice (except for getting moving), but I am looking for someone to give me some insight on whether I now am compromised in bad weather and what I should do now with my Odyssey when the weather turns bad. I want to be thrilled with my decision to go with the Odyssey over the Sienna, but on the topic of safety in snowy or icy weather I am feeling like I need a little encouragement! Should I buy four snow tires and in late November just put them on and keep them through winter? Should I just leave my facotry Michelins on and just buy chains and put them on (all 4 wheel) for just those few bad days? Should I sell my Odyssey and get the Sienna (hope not!)? Will VSA help in the over- and under-steering and give us meaningful protection in the snow and ice...and to the point where I don't need snow tires or chains? Help..someone!!


Thanks in advance for any insight.



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Should keep your Odyssey,.. The VSA will definitely improve the dynamic stability of the car when things gets out of shape.. I suggest you to purchase proper snow tires when travelling with the family..

Good luck and welcome to the forum..

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