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Any Experience (Radiator)


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If you have any experience, or trial an error on putting a new radiator in any honda particularly an EG, drop dimes and let me know whatever, little crap, or how to go about it, it seems pretty simple, just never actually done it before. I Appreciate it.

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Pretty easy dude. Drain it, disconnect your hoses, unbolt it from the radiator support.


Instructions are opposite, for the installation.

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Make sure and fill it properly. AFter the install fill the rad up with the cap off and let it run until it gets hot. The thermo will open and begin to suck it water. keep refilling all the way to the top. Put cap on, let fan turn on a couple of times. Check water level one more time after it cools down.


Oh yeah, don't get burned or melt your face off.

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