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96-00 civic ex


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okay so the side skirt on civics are also called rocker panel moldings. Someone stole mine off the driver side and I need a new one. I just wanted to know if the ones that fit the hatchback 2dr will fit my ex 2dr... because I KNOW the sedan side skirts (rocker panel moldings) are different from what I need.

all the help would be greattttt, thanks!!!

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As far as the sideskirts and front lips go, yes. Rear is different.


Yea, Billy. They really are. Why don't you give Seibon a call and see if their carbon fiber SI sideskirts still fit the 99/00 Hatchbacks, hm?


Because that's what I used.

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okay well I know that everyone gets that the hatch's are smaller than the coupes and sedans. I'm gonna go with busted LS1 on this, if he really did buy the side skirts from an si and they fit his hatch. I heard that the hatch and the coupe shared the same side skirts/rocker panels... I'm gonna order those. Thanks guys.

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