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Hey all. Just wanted to post some ideas for my EH hatch in here before I go out an make a project log.






Got the car back last year about this time and have kept it stock aside from a new headunit and 6x9 speakers in the back. Great little car and I am finally saving the money to so some stuff to it. I plan on doing mechanical stuff before cosmetics since the body and interior is in really good shape as is.


Here is what I plan to do to it:


-Swap B18b LS engine - Mainly want to get this so I can have an option of building it to an LSVTEC later down the road as apposed to buying a B16 and being stuck with it.

-Auto -> Manual conversion - A little scared of this but I have done my homework and it SHOULD go well.

-I/H/E - thinking about DC headers, Ebay intake for the time being until I can afford a nicer one (not high on the priority list), and a GReddy Evo 2 Exhaust

-Koni Yellows with Groundcontrol coilovers - Planning to drop the car 1-2 inches

-White HX wheels - Love the way they look on red EH civics, will probably get better wheels when/if I paint the car

-CF hood and maybe CF hatch. Can't decide if I like the CF hatch or not yet lol

-Type R lips painted the same color as the car


-JDM fogs


I think that is it for now, I'll try to update with new ideas but that is the plan so far. I just started saving for the engine which is about 2,200 for the full swap on HMO and I have about 700 now. Not sure when it will get done but it's fun to think about! Let me know what you guys think :o)

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